Multi-Tool issued in military ?? - Page 2

December 3rd, 2004  
I got one Swiss copy of leatherman. I have got only little use for it. Usually knife is enough. I have heard that multitools are very useful in signal corps, where need to cut wires/cables and repairing jobs etc.
December 4th, 2004  
Well, its a decent idea because you really don't know when a screwdriver (not the cocktail, the tool ), a set of pliers or a pocketknife are going to come in handy.
December 4th, 2004  
yeah I hardly ever wear mine in Garrison, so I have it attached to my tac vest.... It comes in handy... Easier to cut flexi cuffs when you have a wire cutter instead of a knife
December 11th, 2004  
Demo teams are issued a new tool by gerber.
December 11th, 2004  
A Can of Man
The Swiss Army knife has always come in handy while camping. I can't see how it won't be of any use for the common line soldier.
January 18th, 2005  
The US EODs have one in their tool kit that is attached to the M-11 knife (a version of the M-9), it also has a small Mag Lite in it.

here an image:

If I have been told right the Brits have some sort of tool that is like a plier with stuff that foldsout of the grips, some British army folks here may tell more.