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December 27th, 2004  
Originally Posted by DTop
We called them Meals Reluctantly Eaten.

Oh 03USMC, we always called that Ranger Pudding
I think it depends on how much water you use Top. If ya can eat with a spoon it's pudding. But the Moca is great with Ranger Cookies.
December 27th, 2004  
OK sounds good to me. For anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to try it, it's not bad. I suppose it tastes better when you're in a position to really appreciate its nuances (out in the boonies). The further you are away from real food, the better it tastes
June 23rd, 2005  
i don't know what the MRE's were like for ya'll but going to boot and MCT in the last few months they weren't bad at all. i couldn't eat all three of them in one day but i had a daypack full of them at the end and got to eat all of the good stuff out of it.

as far as gettin stopped up there is no doubt that it is gonna happen. and when the dam breaks watch out.
March 15th, 2009  
March 15th, 2009  
Team Infidel
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March 18th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Meals Refusing to Exit....
man can I relate to that one.