The most secret weapon of the Luftwaffe

November 7th, 2015  

Topic: The most secret weapon of the Luftwaffe

I share with you a lot of pictures, some of them previously unreleased, rare and never before seen by me, referring to one of the secret weapons of the Luftwaffe. We are talking about the Horten flying wing. Perhaps, the aircraft of the Second World War the most ahead of its time than any other, went into production too late to be put into service. Do you think if he had gone into production would have changed the course of the war and history? Visit the link below and give us your opinion about it.

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November 7th, 2015  
My personal opinion is, it was too little too late, same as the ME262 and the MP43/44. Brilliant bits of kit but far too late in the war to make any difference.

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