Which is the most cost-effective radarless attack helicopter?

View Poll Results :Which is the best radarless attack helicopter?
A129 International Multi-role Combat Helicopter 0 0%
AH-1Z SuperCobra 0 0%
AH-64A Apache 2 50.00%
Ka-52 Alligator 0 0%
Mi-28N Havoc 0 0%
Rooivalk AH-2A 0 0%
Tiger HAD 0 0%
Mi-24P Hind 2 50.00%
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February 26th, 2006  

Topic: Which is the most cost-effective radarless attack helicopter?

In other words, which has the most "bangs per buck"?

To get you started, here's a link that has some good pictures of each:

February 26th, 2006  
Whispering Death
I think someone's going to have to make a list of what each costs right now is dollars for this coversation to really get going.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to comparison shop for Hinds
February 26th, 2006  
Hmm, yes you might be right ...

Well if it gets too complicated, people could just vote for the helicopter their country makes ...
February 27th, 2006  
I voted for the AH-64A, because although it is very expensive, It usually takes out it's target with one shot (which saves you alot of money on weapons). It has preformed very well and proven it self to be worth the cost.

By the way, The Mi-28N has a radar.