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May 23rd, 2005  
Originally Posted by Jacob
Could you pleas show us?

The smoke cloud on top of the hill in the background is actually a Lebanese platoon base under attack by mortars..
That base alone was attacked over 25 times during my 6 months in Lebanon,
and we could sit in our "pool"/bar area and film/take photos of it....
A Norwegian squad base is just a couple of hundreds meters to the left of it by the way.
(had to go in their shelter everytime that base was under attack.)

A picture from our "pool" area (water reservoir for fire helicopters).. 8)
The hill you see on the left side of the picture is the same one as in the first picture,
so we had a good view of it when things happened there..

A close-up of the same base during (yet) another mortar attack...

All pictures taken by me, from my base in Lebanon.
I've got lots of other similar pictures, but these are the only ones I've scanned on my computer.
Wasn't many digital cameras around when I served abroad....

Ahh, the memories...
May 24th, 2005  
Most impressive. Obviously, the Norwegian Army knows how to live while on deployment
May 25th, 2005  
Oh yeah... 8)

But it's (unfortunately) not always as good as that..

We stayed 20+ years in Lebanon, and that position was one of the first ones to be built, so it's been improved (a bit) thru the years..
The pool is really a water reservoir for fire helicopters, and it was actually used a few times when I was down there
(it's extremelly dry there during the summer).
But it didn't hurt that they improved it a bit when it was going to be built anyway..
The temperature climbed to 50-55C (122-131F) in the shadow during the hottest days..
May 26th, 2005  
But of course, there was NO shade, was there Sure doesn't look like it
May 26th, 2005  
Hm, I believe there was shade at least once, but I'm not sure.. 8)
March 15th, 2009  
March 15th, 2009  
Team Infidel
February 28th, 2011  
this bar is very much in existence i have been there
May 14th, 2011  
Korean Seaboy
Did anybody got killed while in the "Mortar Bar"?