More Mussolini Quotes on War/Violence

August 13th, 2004  

Topic: More Mussolini Quotes on War/Violence

"Let us have a dagger between our teeth, a bomb in our hands, and an infinite scorn in our hearts."

"There is a violence that liberates, and a violence that enslaves; there is a violence that is moral and a violence that is immoral."

"It is humiliating to remain with our hands folded while others write history. It matters little who wins. To make a people great it is necessary to send them to battle even if you have to kick them in the pants. That is what I shall do."

More to come...
August 29th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
If the 19th century was a century of may be expected that this will be a century of collectivism, and hence the century of the State.
September 27th, 2004  
Italian Guy
We used to say that Mussolini had 4 balls. Really.