Missouri, West Virginia 1-2 in BCS

November 26th, 2007  
Team Infidel

Topic: Missouri, West Virginia 1-2 in BCS

Missouri, West Virginia 1-2 in BCS photo
NEW YORK (AP) -Missouri and West Virginia have one more step to take before bumping into each other in New Orleans. The Tigers and Mountaineers hold the top two spots in the Bowl Championship Series standings released Sunday with a week left in...
November 27th, 2007  
The Other Guy
Should be reversed...
November 29th, 2007  
Rob Henderson
And UGA should be number 3.
November 30th, 2007  
The Other Guy
excuse me while I stop laughing.

2 Losses! They can't even win their division, much less their conference!

Ohio State deserves #3.

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