A mission to Africa greater than it has been announced

October 16th, 2007  
Venom PL

Topic: A mission to Africa greater than it has been announced

2007-10-15 18:29
We are sending 350 soldiers to Chad

Not about 100, but 350 soldiers will be sent by Poland on the peace mission to Chad in center Africa. This has been confirmed by Bernard Kouchner, a chief of the French Ministry of foreign Affairs, who is responsible for preparation of EU contingent. It is not yet known when the soldiers will depart for the Black Land.

European Union has been surprised by the quantity of the Polish contingent. "I was expecting that about 100 Poles will participate, but Poland announced 350 of them today" - said Bernard Kouchner, a chief of the French diplomacy - evidently very pleased by the news.

What will the Poles do in Chad? The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Mun, wants them to protect civilians, workers of humanitarian organizations and the UN Chad mission. Why do we send soldiers specifically to Chad? Because thousands of escapees from Darfur, a province of Sudan, are seeking refuge in Chad.
Source: http://www.dziennik.pl/Default.aspx?...rticleId=64191
Oryginally translated and posted by MZ

See also this article in English: http://www.afriquenligne.fr/news/dai...2007100910270/

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