Missing the Miliitary routine

December 26th, 2010  

Topic: Missing the Miliitary routine

Retired ex-servicemen/women
what do we miss.....?
December 29th, 2010  
Your Buddies who are always there for you, the sweet tones and careful phrases of good will from your platoon sergeant as he encourages you to look more like a soldier, bless him
January 1st, 2011  
I did 4 years SF with 2 tours in RVN.
I did not much care for military regimentation controlling my whole life.

I miss the association of the type and quality of folks in group.
Highly motivated, intelligent, unconventional thinkers willing and capable of doing anything.
Folks who never quit and never gave up. We didn't all love each other, but we knew whose side we were on.

Never found anything in civilian life that even approached that.

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