MilForum Bank

MilForum Bank
December 1st, 2003  

Topic: MilForum Bank

MilForum Bank
With it's new currency the forum also needs it's own bank: MilForum International Bank!

You can deposit you MilBucks here and get interests on them.

Interest Rate: 3% pr 72hours.
Withdrawal fee: 3%

These rates can change without notice!

Please don't reply or post questions here.
Start a new thread insted...
January 6th, 2004  
Some small changes to the Bank mod today:

You don't get any more interests if you have more than 2000 MilBucks in the bank.
(you have enough MilBucks already Acerbus... )
But you can still deposit as much MB as you like.

This is not because I don't want you to get more MilBucks, but because if you have more than 2000MB you have more than enough for most of the forum features anyway, and there would just become too much money in the bank..