MilCharity: August donations

August 25th, 2004  

Topic: MilCharity: August donations

After a small summer holiday, the milcharity is up and running again.

For those of you who haven't heard about this, the MilCharity is a monthly donation (about $100) from the MilForum (all of us, but I have to pay.. )

Read more about it here:

Earlier months donations have gone to:
The International Red Cross
Make-a-wish foundation
Doctors without borders

You are allowed to suggest one of those as well..

So who do you thing deserves the August donation?
Please post your suggestions here..
August 25th, 2004  
Well i am doing the Cheerios mother daughter walk for the heart and stroke foundation, you are more than welcome to pledge in my name :P

August 25th, 2004  
Special Operations Warrior Foundation
August 25th, 2004  
can we do one for the American Cancer Society? it doesn't matter when. I just know there has got to be an alternative treatment out there somewhere.... *shudders*
August 31st, 2004  
The SpecOps foundation is a good suggestion, but I think we should choose a bit more "world wide" charity..

Three other suggestions suggestions so far:

Heart and Stroke Foundation:

The Cancer society:

World Food Programme:

Any more suggestions?
September 9th, 2004  
No more suggestions here so $50 have been donated to the World Food Programmes work in Darfur, and $50 to the World Cancer Research Fund.

I hope they can find some good use for the money..

New suggestion thread for September will soon be posted.