November 7th, 2004  

Topic: Milbucks

Hey, another dumb question from the rookie. How do I check what my account balance on Milbucks? I recently made a post, and it told me that I was gaining 5 for it. I clicked on the Bank option at the top of the page, and it told me that I do not have an account. I'm so confused. LOL.

I did want to say that I think the idea of the milbucks is really cool. Definately a good way to promote participation in the forums. Great idea guys.

November 7th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
There are 2 ways to check your mil bucks. First, look at the left part of any of your posts. Under your name, there is a balance of mil bucks on hand. The other way is to look at your profile. There is a mil buck balance as well.

Since you are new, you probably won't need to open an account at the forum bank any time soon. There are plenty of things at the PX that you probably want to buy. Once you are done buying your stuff and have earned about 1,000 mil bucks, you should think about opening an account.

also read these and you'll be all set