The Milbucks are back!

The Milbucks are back!
November 24th, 2013  

Topic: The Milbucks are back!

The Milbucks are back!
As you may or may not know the Milbucks have been AWOL for quite some time, but they are back again today!

What are milbucks??
Milbucks is the Milforums "official" currency and you can earn it primarily by posting.
You get 10 Milbucks for every new thread started, and 5 for each reply you make (with some exceptions), 1 for poll votes etc.

You also have a bank account here, where you'll earn 1% interest pr month on all Milbucks you have transfered there.
You can transfer Milbucks between your "live" Milbucks account and the hidden bank account by clicking on the currency under the "Milbucks bank and log" link under "Milstores" on the top menu.

What can I spend them on??
Right now only the flags and gear store is open, under the "Milstores" link at the top of the page, where you can buy flags and gear/icons to display in your userinfo box.
But We'll get the Milforum PX back again soon as well (hopefully tomorrow...), where you will can find many things to pimp-your-profile, username, titles etc. etc. etc..

Please use our questions forum if you have any questions to this:


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