In The Memory of 6th October

October 3rd, 2012  

Topic: In The Memory of 6th October

I will try to update this thread from time to time , Photos taken from Group73Historians' website

let's begain:

Israeli soldiers raise high Sadat image happily after and the decision of disengagement and withdrawal of isreali soldiers from the gap alive(after many losses in their units).

Israeli withdrawal from Arish , Collected their dead and gone

Israeli tanks destroyed, publication on the grounds that it Jordanian tanks , thats false

israeli forces during the withdrawal of the gap

Israeli aircraft wreckage in the hands of Egyptian troops

Body of an Israeli pilot and beside him his parachute and the wreckage of his plane

Israeli Skyhawk aircraft droop napalm bombs in training before the October war

Ilyushin 28 plane attack Israeli positions in a war of attrition

Egyptian Men of air defense missile crews Sam 2

Israeli jet chair on the sands of the Sinai after the pilot jumped after the hit of his plane

Phantom plane attack Katameya Airport on October 9 and then be destroyed - Israeli source

October 3rd, 2012  
The surrender of bor-fowad fort to the Egyptians

The eighth of October - the anniversary of the capture of israeli Colonel Assaf Aajor , who was used later by the egyptian intelligence as a spy in israel

Israeli armor in Sinai progressing under Egyptian bombardment

Israeli troops maneuvering in the Golan amid continuing losses in the first days of war

Egyptian soldier stand on Israeli aircraft wreckage tumbled from the sky

loading of a rocket directed by radar on Israeli fighter Mirage -3 C

Israeli Mirage fighter -3 C under tent

Israeli prisoners in Tawfiq's heavily fortified point on October 13, 1973

The moment of launching air defense missile Egyptian Sam-2

air defense battery, installations and equipment as they were in 1973

The real situation of the missile shield after crossing before the start of the gap

October 5th, 2012  
Private : Noor El-din El-mola, the first private to raise the egyptian flag in sinai

Gen. Moataz al-Sharqawi (lightning team hero) with group 73 historians

Israeli flag in the background, which was captured from the enemy position in bor Tawfiq on July 10, 1969 in a daring Egyptian lightning force mission during , two israeli were captured and egyptians back unharmed.

Moshe Dayan's escape from death from an Egyptian helicopter in the gap

Joy of crossing and victory

Body of an Israeli soldier before being transferred to Israel

A rare picture of the moment of the hit an Israeli soldier from parasols unit at the Battle of Chinese Farm on 16 October 73

The crossing of suez

one of suez civilians , jumb on israeli tank and destroy it from inside with a bomb

desperate israeli soldiers

Resistance in Suez

October 5th, 2012  

Israeli prisoners

October 6th, 2012  
Farhana Hussein Salam

Her first operations bombing Israeli train in Sheikh Zuwaid railway in Sinai, And continued its military operations bombing jeeps belongs to the occupy entity.

In addition to the transfer of ammunition and messages from Cairo to the Mujahideen in the Sinai where she worked cloth merchant.
October 17th, 2012  
Weird news
Desecration of the grave of Moshe Dayan

families of the dead soldiers in 1973 made desecration of the grave of Moshe Dayan ,
Blaming him for the defeat and deaths of their children at the hands of the Egyptian forces..using black ink to write , and red as a symbol of blood...
And wrote in large letters «Minister setback and failure .. On behalf of the victims.


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