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May 15th, 2006  

Topic: medical staff officer research

hello everyone,
i a newbie here my name is nick and i am in the southern united kingdom i am a medical re-enactor covering the following periods:
napoleonic regt surgeon, ww1 ramc captain, ww2 ramc captain, and R.A.F medical officer ww2. but i require some assistance regarding my ww1 persona if i may be so bold. as follows:
can anyone tell me what type of cap badge an ramc captain on staff
duties would wear? and have i got the right armband for this
i have 3 cap badges 1 is the ramc badge, 2 is the lion over crown and
3 is the g.s badge of lion and unicorn around the garter.
the arm band is from top to bottom black with crown/red with MC
letters in black and the bottom stripe is black all 3 in equal widths.
so far my research indicates a blue cap band with matching plain blue
collar tabs with g.s button pre 1916 or again matching blue collar
tabs but with crimson gimp line and g.s button post 1916.
any help would be appreciated.
take care
Nick Walsh
May 16th, 2006  
This is the only link I could find that looked even remotely helpful. It would appear that just about everyone and their brother in the UK is into WWI and WWII reenactment, but the trend seems to run toward infantry as one might guess.

Perhaps you can enlighten me. I understand military reenactment. How does one do medical reenactment, though? Seems you'd be at something of a loss for bullet and shrapnel wounds.
May 16th, 2006  
Thanx for the link,
in terms of medical reenactment when i do napoleonic reenactment i devised a sfx system that enabled me to remove a musket ball/foreign object in front of the public and using pig hide we are able to sew patients up etc with ww1 and ww2 you can do the same by simply subsituting the ball for a used bullet head etc and this way some of my period medical equipment can get used and not just look pretty we also have casualties both allies and even some prisoners under escort are brought in and we have had german medics trying to help our wounded {my mate does a great medic that speaks no english and has to try to get his message across on what he needs whilst taking understandable abuse from allied wounded who don't want him near them!! }arrive that need assessing/checking recording etc so that the mops can see the way casualties are processed in some reenactment displays i know of people using prothetics to carry out full amputations! it looks great and the MOPS love it! so if you can find the time to scrpt these things fit equipment etc you can have a great time and with screaming and distressed patients its organised chaos and the public don't forget it in a hurry either it can be very real for them and gets alot of respect for the vets and what they went through. especially as we end up holding up a handful of dogtags and turn to the mops and say to them "THIS WAS THE REAL REALITY OF YOUR FANTASY TIME TRIP WITH THESE REENACTORS LETS NEVER FORGET THANK YOU FOR WATCHING" that always gives them food for thought hope that helps, do you think thats too strong?
May 19th, 2006  
Never heard about medical reenactment either.
Sounds interesting.

Got any photos, or a website on it?