Marvel movies?

January 22nd, 2015  

Topic: Marvel movies?

What do you think of Marvel movies? Has Hollywood been ruined? Why is there no creativity in Hollywood? Why do Americans prefer special effects over substance?
January 23rd, 2015  
Why do you prefer pointless pop culture questions that have zero value instead of questions of substance like "is anyone excited about the mission that is going to finally unwrap the veil of what Pluto looks like later this year?"


"What is everyones thoughts on the idea that electrons, quarks, and neutrinos all can appear and re-appear in two differnet locations simultaneously and its' implications on a theory of a multi-verse?"

It appears, you sir, prefer drivel over substance...
January 23rd, 2015  
The Highway Man
They wont be able to reply - they've been given the Spanish archer!!

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