Marines to recall troops on involuntary basis for Iraq, Afghanistan

August 22nd, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: Marines to recall troops on involuntary basis for Iraq, Afghanistan

Media: The Associated Press
Date: 22 August 2006

WASHINGTON_The U.S. Marine Corps said Tuesday it has been authorized to
recall thousands of Marines to active duty, primarily because of a shortage
of volunteers for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Up to 2,500 Marines will be brought back at any one time, but there is no
cap on the total number of Marines who may be forced back into service in
the coming years as the military battles the war on terror. The call-ups
will begin in the next several months.

This is the first time the Marines have had to use the involuntary recall
since the early days of the Iraq combat. The Army has ordered back about
14,000 soldiers since the start of the war.

Marine Col. Guy A. Stratton, head of the manpower mobilization section,
estimated that there is a current shortfall of about 1,200 Marines needed to
fill positions in upcoming unit deployments.

The call-up affects Marines in the Individual Ready Reserve, a segment of
the reserves that consists mainly of those who left active duty but still
have time remaining on their eight-year military obligation.

Generally, Marines enlist for four years, then serve the other four years
either in the regular Reserves, where they are paid and train periodically,
or they may elect to go into the IRR. Marines in the IRR are only obligated
to report one day a year but can be involuntarily recalled to active duty.

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