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March 30th, 2010  
Originally Posted by Dreads
I am a new user to this website and hope to gather more information about the Marines. When i am 18 i am going to join and my reason being is to help other Marines and live up to the standards of the Marine Corps.
Thank you.
Brandon Schwartz
cool im new to this site also, love to share your experience
April 2nd, 2010  
hehehe, your username is Dreads and you want to join the Marines. That automatically makes you awesome, in my eyes

Sounds like you have big plans, and I hope that you find your experience here to be helpful. Good luck with your aspirations!
April 3rd, 2010  
MSG Glenn
Originally Posted by Dreads
I am 14 years old
Okay Brandon. You have 4 years to get yourself physically fit. I suggest that you Google the Marine PFT & be able to ace the test upon entry into bootcamp.

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