Marines face death over Iraq killing

August 26th, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: Marines face death over Iraq killing

Media: Daily Telegraph (Australia)
Date: August 26, 2006

TWO of the eight US soldiers accused in the death of a civilian in Hamdania,
Iraq in April are to attend a preliminary hearing early next week at Camp
Pendleton base, the military said overnight.

The hearing for the two marines is to be held at noon Monday at the base,
130 km southeast of Los Angeles.

"An Article 32 Investigation hearing for Corporal Marshall Magincalda and
Corporal Trent Thomas will be held aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
August 28, 2006," the military said in a statement.

"Magincalda and Thomas are charged with murder for their alleged involvement
in the death of an Iraqi civilian on April 26, 2006, near Hamdania, Iraq,"
in the north of the country.

"Thomas is also charged with allegedly assaulting an Iraqi civilian in an
unrelated incident on April 10, 2006 near Hamdania, Iraq," the statement

The "article 32" hearing in the US military justice system is comparable to
a grand jury, which under US criminal law determines if enough evidence
exists to refer the case to trial.

If found guilty, the men may face the death penalty.

Seven Marines and one sailor were charged on June 21 in the death. Early in
August, three of them were charged with alleged kidnapping, manslaughter and

Thomas was charged with the alleged assault on August 3.
August 26th, 2006  
They won't get death, trust me.

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