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Marine Cadence Call
February 17th, 2006  
Marine Cadence Call
Originally Posted by 03USMC
Really? The Airwing PT's? I'm amazed never woulda thunk that!
lol ahahahaha
Oh BTW I like this one:
Marine Corps Cadence
You can keep your Army Khaki.
You can keep your Navy Blue.
I have the worlds best fighting man,
to introduce to you. His uniform is different,
The best you've ever seen.
The Germans call him Devil Dog,
His real name is Marine.
He was born on Parris Island,
The place where God forgot.
The sand is 18 inches deep,
The sun is blazing hot.
And everyday he'll wake up,
Before the rising sun.
He'll run a hundred miles or more,
Before the day is done.
He's deadly with a rifle,
A bayonet made of steel.
He's took the Devils calling card,
He's mastered how to kill.
And when he gets to heaven,
St. Peter he will tell.
One more Marine reporting Sir,
I've served my time in hell.
So listen all you young girls,
To what I have to say.
Go out and find a young marine,
To love you everyday.
He'll hug you and he'll kiss you,
And treat you like a queen.
There is no better fighting man,
May 17th, 2006  
Originally Posted by implicature
First of all this was my first cadence while i ran in formation and called cadence during a benefit run in my hometown not to long ago. no disrespect it just made me feel good. and it can be switched around for which ever branch.

hey hey Army
where are you goin'
get in your tanks and follow me
I am a United States Marine

hey hey Navy
Where are you goin'
Get in your ships and follow me
I am a united States Marine

Hey hey Fly Boys
Where are you goin'
get in you jets and follow me
I am a united States Marine
Awesome example of this can be found here
October 30th, 2006  
One mile!
Aint Sh**!
Two miles!
Aint Sh**!
Three Miles!
Aint Sh**!
Four Miles!
Thirsty Yet!

There are many conversions to favorite cadence calls, but , this by far is one of my favs! Its a older one as you can tell.
Marine Cadence Call
November 2nd, 2006  
well 03, 0311's do a lot of thunking dont they? i try to think it personally . but yeah we PT, like 6mi a year.
November 3rd, 2006  
You run 6 miles at PT in one year?

I think I misunderstood you there
April 15th, 2009  
Thunder, lightnin, drizzlin rain
Nothing but PT on my brain
Up in the mornin wth the rising sun
(Your Unit) gonna take a little run
I love workin for Uncle Sam
Let's me know just who I am
I don't want no teenage queen
All I want is my M-16
They put a rifle in my hand
And told me to defend our land
Then they dropped me on a foreign shore
And told me to go fight a war
If I die in a combat zone
Box me up and ship me home
Pin my medals upon my chest
Tell my country I did my best
In my coffin I will lie
Grounded to inspection's side
Tell my momma not to cry
Marine Corps way is to do or die
Put me in a set of blues
And don't forget to shine my shoes
Throw my body six feet down
Till you hear it hit the ground
When it hits the bottom you'll hear me say...
October 25th, 2010  
I wrote this cadence, posting it up in hopes that I get to hear someone calling it one day!

I just got my M-16
Light, and fast, and it looks clean!
Stand guard with my M-16
Gotta grin on my face and we look mean!

My M-16 is my new gun
Going to the range to have some fun!
This here clip holds thirty rounds
Gunna pull this trigger and hold it down!

Pray that you're not in my kill zone
Cause my M-16 will send you home!
In a body bag now, that's you
Cause my M-16 shoots straight and true!

Four-man squad here hunker low
Fire-team leader just let you know!
My muzzle flash is all you see
Before you bleed out in the street!

Sight alignment, sight picture, right between the eyes
Smooth trigger pull and let one fly!
Nailed a head-shot, cause I'm the best
Now you're dead just like the rest!

You won't need that bullet-proof vest
I aim for the head and I don't miss!
You better lay that AK down
Put your hands in the air, eyes on the ground!

P.O.W. that's you
There's not a lot that you can do!
Don't you worry I'll treat ya nice
Unless I have to ask a question twice!

When I'm done I'll send you to jail
Guess that's better than going to hell!
Back to the front with my M-16
Gunna find your friends and make them scream!