Mares Dragon AT BCD, just got one!!

August 11th, 2007  

Topic: Mares Dragon AT BCD, just got one!!

Just bought a shiny new Mares Dragon AT BCD and I'm REALLY looking forward to test it tomorrow!

It's pricey but this has to be one of the best and most comfortable BCD vests out there.

Some of the features:
  • Airtrim® For Fast and Intuitive Buoyancy control
    Can be seen in the lower right side of the picture.
    For perfect buoyancy underwater
    The first and only pneumatic system (patented) that revolutionizes and simplifies buoyancy control during the dive, making it precise and immediate in any position and under any condition. It features a single intuitive and ergonomic control to inflate and deflate the BC. Two oversized buttons, easy to operate and always at hand, allow for easy and accurate buoyancy control. The exclusive "Twin Exhaust Valve" technology, patented by the Mares research laboratories, allows the Airtrim® deflation button to simultaneously control both of the pneumatic exhaust valves: that way, it's possible to deflate the BC simply by pressing a single button, without worrying about your position in the water.
  • Twin Exhaust valves Ensures quick air release with a single maneuver
    Paired with Airtrim®, the "Twin Exhaust Valve" system ensures quick air release with one simple, instant maneuver, regardless of the diver's position under water. The incorporated check valves prevent the entry of water through the pneumatic valves
  • MRS Plus integrated weight
    MRS Plus represents the evolution of MRS (Mechanical Release System), the first ballast with a mechanical release system introduced on the market: reliable, simple and easy to use. It introduces a newly designed closure system, with which a simple click is all you need to ensure easy and secure storage of the weight pockets inside the special housings in the BC. Shaped pockets to form to your waist. A single outward pull is all you need to release your weights. The oversized release handle is easy to grasp and use, even when wearing thick neoprene gloves. The large opening of the zippered weight pocket makes it easier to insert the ballast. The maximum load per pocket is 6kg/13lbs for most sizes. The Velcro interior is ideal for dividing the pocket into multiple sections if you don't use its full capacity.
  • BPS Plus (Back Protection system) patented dual position lumbar capability. Heavily padded in either position, you can double the padding for increased lumbar support or extend the length of the padding depending on body shape. Ultimate PRE dive comfort. The contoured cut and the special design of the seams ensure unparalleled adherence between the wetsuit and BC.

Going diving tomorrow so this will be fun..

Anyone else who have tried the Mares Dragon AT BCD???
IF so, do you have any tips?
August 11th, 2007  
Team Infidel
that is slick looking.....
August 11th, 2007  
That's nice.

The last time I dived, BCVs were still many years in the future.... What a pity, it would have saved a lot of mucking around with weights and made surface swimming a lot easier .

I doubt that I'd pass the medical now.
August 12th, 2007  
Had 2 dives today with it and this is certainly the best and most comfortable BCD I've ever tried, highly recommended!!

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