Malaysia, Australia to share costs for latest phase of MH370 search

August 28th, 2014  
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Topic: Malaysia, Australia to share costs for latest phase of MH370 search

By Matt Siegel SYDNEY (Reuters) - Malaysia on Thursday said it would share with Australia the cost of the latest effort to uncover signs of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, in the hope of unlocking modern aviation's greatest mystery. "So it is important here that we would like to thank Australia for leading this search and we have so far committed and spent about A$15 million and we are also going to match the Australians in the tender cost for the search," he said. Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said that new information suggested that the jetliner may have turned south earlier than previously believed and that as a result, the search would focus on the southern area of the zone. "The search area remains the same but some of the areas, some of the information we now have suggests to us that areas a little further to the south - within the search area but a little further to the south - may be of particular interest and priority in the search area," Truss told reporters.


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