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October 11th, 2008  

Topic: Mail client

Been using Thunderbird for a short time and like it but for some reason I want more. I have used Outlook 2003 and then 2007, it seems to get slower if that makes sense. I can't bring myself to use web based e-mail 24/7 and have tried Eudora as well.

Thunderbird is better then Outlook Express hands down but want something in between Thunderbird and Outlook 2007. Any ideas?

October 12th, 2008  
Have you tried Mulberry?

In fact here is a listing of email clients you may want to check out:
October 12th, 2008  
The Other Guy
I've never been able to get any email client to work on my computer. I have outlook and Thunderbird, but neither one works.

I just use web mail from Earthlink instead.

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