m93 Zastrava Black Arrow 50bmg primer extrusion

January 11th, 2012  

Topic: m93 Zastrava Black Arrow 50bmg primer extrusion

Anyone with experience on this model? anyone know where parts can be obtained? like firing pin and other.

Anyone have experience with primer cup extrusion back into firing pin hole. primer cup is extruding back around firing pin. raised crater is about .2mm high.

need to know other's experience with this weapon as well as above questions.

thnks hillblade
January 11th, 2012  
No experience or knowledge about the Zastava, but the primer extrusion you mentioned could have various reasons.
Weapon related:
Incorrect headspace, incorrect size of firing pin hole, short firing pin, weak firing pin spring.
That is if we're talking factory loads here.

Ammo related:
Case size (too short/incorrect headspace), primer seated too deep, soft primer, rarely a sign of hot loading.

Since you didn't mention any flattened primers here I suppose the problem is weapon related, and that the firing pin hole is a bit too wide, could also be fixed by a somewhat larger firing pin to "fill-out" the hole sufficiently.

My ten euro-cents..
Good luck anyway!