M9 Bayonette

M9 Bayonette
December 27th, 2012  
-- Dusty

Topic: M9 Bayonette

M9 Bayonette
A couple years back I trust a family member to hold onto some of my military gear. Well, he did. Kinda. Now the gear is gone, he won't account for any of it, and while there's a lot of stuff that I wanted to certainly keep, the most important piece is an M-9 bayonette. Made by Buck while under contract with Phroebus. So, now, thanks to that "family member" (pardon me while I puke my guts up), a tool I used to take camping is now gone.

So now I want to replace it, but I don't have the dough. But I might be able to do a trade. Does anyone have an M-9 they are willing to part with?

If you do, let's talk. I think we can figure something out.