M1917 Varients

November 23rd, 2010  

Topic: M1917 Varients

Have googled myself blind, is there a easy way to tell when/who made a M1917 Style Helmet?

I've got one here with a elastic one piece chin strap, no stamping in the metal that I can find. Someone gave it a ugly paint scheme years ago and I am cleaning it up, and trying to figure out if it's a WWI or early WWII helmet.

Going to clean it up, repaint it, re-liner it, and give it to the USMC Recruiters as a display for their office, along with a WWII M1 and a Viet-Nam period M1, and a Modern Kevlar.

USAF Retired
November 23rd, 2010  
If I remember rightly the US 1917 Helmet was a copy of the British one and they would have had a webbing strap to hold them in place