a little insight

January 16th, 2004  

Topic: a little insight

Anybody willing to give some time to a kid with some questions about joining the Army.
January 16th, 2004  
You have any more specific questions?
What do you want to do in the Army?
What route are you thinking of for joining?
et cetera
January 16th, 2004  
Hi WannabeArmy, and Welcome to the forum.

Since I'm not from the US, I can't give you much info about the Army.
But I know that military.com has a lot of info.

You can find a link to them here, where you can sign up and get tons of free information from them.


General military information to the left, Marines info to the right.
January 17th, 2004  
what kind of questions do you have? I'm sure I can be of some help
January 17th, 2004  
Hey Wannabe, if you go to www.goarmy.com theres a recruiter chat room. There about 7-10 recruiters and 50-100 chatters, but you can still get your questions answered with ease. You can go there and ask them any questions you like, and its open almost all the time. http://goarmy.com/chat/index.htm Best of luck to you
January 20th, 2004  
hey thanks 4 that... i'm still lookin at all my possibilities...