The little Gray Book from Basic Training

June 16th, 2004  

Topic: The little Gray Book from Basic Training

Hey I was just wondering if anyone still had their little gray book from basic that had all of the uniform specs and weapons and all that good stuff. I was in basic in 1994 so if it has changed color and I did not know sorry about that. If anyone does have it what is the manual number so I can try and find a way to order it. I had a small fire and mine did not make it along with one of my copies of all of my paper work while in the military. I was smart enough to make 3 copies so I still have all of that stuff just want to get the book again. Thanks to anyone that gets back to me. John 11 Bravo = INF 1 Oscar = Airborne Charlie 2 = Dragon Gunner
June 17th, 2004  
Iraq n Baq
Try looking for STP 21-1-SMCT. It may not be the EXACT "smart book" from basic training, but all the information is there.
June 22nd, 2004  
I have my Brother-Inlaws basic training book. from 2003. it says on it.

Soldier's Handbook
TRADOC Pamphlet 600-4
1 April 2001

Deparment of the Army
United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
Fort Monroe, Virginia 23651-5000

I dont know if that helps? oh well. sorry if it doesnt.