Little Battles

August 3rd, 2005  

Topic: Little Battles

I was talking to an old Vet not so long ago and he was telling us about a battle he fought in North Africa 1942. Story was so interesting that it got into a local paper and one of the chaps who he was telling it to was a member of the Royal Artillery who confirmed the story after some checking, and they then named a battery of guns after this battle.
Back in 1942 a Private Fred Wilson along with of eight guns and 200 men took on 20,000 Germans and fought them to a stand still at a place called El Tamar. Rommel threw every thing at them he could lay his hands on from Panzers, Stukas, and artillery as he fought to turn the British lines. Out of of the 200 men that fought in this Battle for Britain only only 12 were left alive and only two that were not wounded and one of those was Fred Wilson. Again that word IF crops up, for if Rommel had broken through the line at this place would it have changed war, well it could have done.
August 3rd, 2005  
Charge 7
A great story. LeEnfield. Thanks for sharing it.

Further proof that one should never discount the power of well placed and well used artillery.