The Last Camel Charge, by Forrest Bryant Johnson

November 30th, 2012  

Topic: The Last Camel Charge, by Forrest Bryant Johnson

Did anyone know that the US Army once experimented with camels as a replacement for mules? I didn't.
December 1st, 2012  
1. India and Pakistan have camel units to patrol the desert region in their border. These are units of the border forces. Jordan and possibly China still use camel patrols.

2. Mules are quite different. Very strong, sturdy and quiet these are more beasts than animals. Indian and Pakistani armies use these to carry Pack Howitzers for their mountain batteries.The Mujahedin used them against the Soviets. The Chindits under Brig Wingate had used them in Burma against the Japanese. To my knowledge USA, Australia, Italy and China have farms to raise mules. The mule is an useful animal indeed.

3. Elephants, donkeys, horses and buffalo have been used to carry loads for armies. The Mongols used horses to ride, to carry loads, and when necessary, to eat.

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