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March 11th, 2005  

Topic: Well...

Quote: "Again, Chinese intervention after America had gotten up to the Yalu river was a strategically sound decision.

This thread deals with the decision years before that in which China gave the green light to N.Korea to invade the South."

Wisperingdeath is talking about some matters before THE MATTER.
March 11th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Whispering Death

It is completely irrelevent what China will do about Taiwan now, you're about 50 years off from the time period this thread concerns.

I am kindly pleading with you not to drag my thread off topic again.
What he said ....

Now please stay on topic here from now on..

I'm not too fond of China/Taiwan posts anymore, wince none of you seems to be able to have a civilized discussion about the subject..

March 11th, 2005  
I think North Korea was as much influenced by the Soviet Union as Red China.

Large elements of the Korean resistance to the Japanese had fled to the Soviet Union and had fought against the Nazis. They went back to Korea as believers.
April 3rd, 2005  

Topic: HAHAHA Chinese ppl's work was all for nothing

Its would be one heck of funny if north korea invaded taiwan rite infront of china's ugly face. Then it would be holy SH>T. Now is personal. Not only chinese would be mad at that but NK's neglecting of china's aid. HAha chinese ppl ur equipment and men was all for nothing. But dont worry about the because you've got 2.5 billion people and you people produce faster than the blink of an eye or the speed of light.
April 3rd, 2005  
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April 3rd, 2005  
im feeling hes going to be permenantly banned pretty soon

anyway north korea is being played like a card, a card so important it is drawing teh attention of many countries
April 10th, 2005  
rotc boy
can anyone tell me if there is any truth to this:

my friend said that we were still officially at war with Korea just in a truce, is that true?
April 10th, 2005  
They, North and South Korea, signed an armistice in 1953 which is still in effect. An armistice is essentially a temporary agreement.

I still think the thrust of this thread is somewhat incorrect. After WWII North Korea was occupied by the USSR and the USSR directly shaped their institutions. The Soviets had largely withdrawn at the outbreak of war, but their influence would still have been major.

Both North and South Korea were starting trouble with each other on their border.

The North Korean government, if it was following instructions of anybody, was most likely following the instructions of the USSR.
April 12th, 2005  
Mohmar Deathstrike
Originally Posted by Urbanboy
lol, we are not going to sit back and relax whole you gobble up nk, which is more dangerous than taiwan

its about piorities man, from nk you can attack china pretty badly, from a little island you are doing something quite impossible

besides, when ur about to be invaded and nuked, would you care more about that or rebel territory
Dude are you still not gettin it? What Whispering Death is saying is that, had North Korea not declared war on the South (which, according to him would not have happened with out China's blessing), there would neither have been any American troop presence in South Korea, nor would the U.S. have reacted against an attempted conquest/unification of Taiwan by the People's Republic. Of course, South Korea would still have had some American political influence.

I don't want to participate in this discussion myself, just helpin all participants understand what it's about.
April 12th, 2005  
Italian Guy
I believe China made a big blunder arming NK, but I also say that the US made a big blunder too when it didn't keep an eye on what its ally Pakistan/ISI was doing to support and arm the Taliban. I mean , you know, you can't just foresee it all. It would have been next to impossible for China to understand that NK would be a danger and not the US- I mean back in the 50s.
Sometimes it does seem like bigger forces are at work.
But yeah Wispering Death got it right.
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