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May 17th, 2006  
A lot of these apply to me but 3 years can lead to this, being at boarding school........makes me not want to spend much time with my family anyways.
June 14th, 2006  
FO Seaman
Yup...Done most of those.
June 14th, 2006  
yeah i can agree with the most of them
June 15th, 2006  
Alot of those apply to me sadly...
June 15th, 2006  
why sadly?
June 22nd, 2008  
Sgt Diz
Got a whole list for you, some of them are ATC specific, but you could probably relate yo most of them!
Sorry if any are repeats.
Also, if any have you have questions about the different things, such as what is a 3822 or a Cuban 8 then just ask away!

01. You walk in step with people infront of you.

02. You walk 120 steps in a minute.

03. You judge how shiny people's shoes/sharp people's creases are.

04. You refer to normal people as "Civvies".

05. You answer only to your Last Name and/or rank.

06. You're really good at getting changed in vehicles.

07. You start using phrases like "**** hot", "gash", "gucci" and "good drills".

08. You no longer think flying aerobatics is impressive.

09. You think making up drill moves is 'fun'.

10. You say "Sir" and "Ma'am" to most adults.

11. Especially if they're doing a register of some kind.

12. You ALWAYS start off on your left foot.

13. You know how to spell 'epaulette'.

14. ..and get pissed off when people refer to them as 'flaps' or something.

15. You find polishing shoes relaxing.

16. You lock your arms in when going upstairs.

17. You get annoyed if you see civvy jackets with chevrons on (particularly if they're a higher rank than you)

18. You put tent pegs in at 45 degrees without being told.

19. You know what a 'Cuban 8' is.

20. You sometimes think "5th Feb 1941" when asked your birthday.

21. You correct people on the pronounciation of 'Corps'.

22. You wish you played an instrument/different instrument just so you could get the silver badge.

23. You've considered forming a one man sqn band to get the badge.

24. You KNOW classification means everything to cadets - and it's funny.

25. You've started opening stories by saying "Well, back when I was a Cpl .."

26. You thought at least once "ooh shiney"

27. When you start thinking "left, right, left, right" as you walk.

28. You think ANYTHING is worth doing if you get a badge.

29. You see Second Class cadets as second rate people (but don't get what's wrong).

30. You're shocked when someone doesn't know what 'NCO' stands for.

31. You've started using the phrase "how the **** did he/she get cpl?!" too much.

32. You're satisfied if hotels have real beds.

33. You automatically look up to the sky if you hear a plane.. and go apeshit if it's an RAF one.

34. Everyone thinks you're a plane geek (even though you insist you're rubbish at air rec).

35. You know places in Scotland because of their RAF stations.

36. You no longer say "One hundred and something", every digit is it's own - "174" - unless it's four digits but below 2000 then it's like "1940"!

37. You just plain DON'T LIKE Wilmslow.

38. You'd rather iron your uniform than do that homework.

39. You know 'webbing' has nothing to do with Spiderman.

40. The standard of Officer's drill pisses you off.

41. You associate places with Squadron numbers.

42. You think First Class Corporals are a joke.

43. You've had at least one bf/gf stand to attention for you. (in more ways than one)

44. People realise why you're a CWO and you lose some friends.

45. You have at least 2 officer's numbers on your mobile.

46. You refer to knives, forks and spoons as 'KFS'.

47. You hate it when people flout the Countryside Code on school/educational trips.

48. You question the leadership abilities of your managers.

49. You know the 'dirty' version of the 6 Ps.

50. You're mates think you're a nympho because you talk about sex all the time (but that's all you ever seem to do in cadets anyway).

51. You wish you could have that fruit cordial that all the RAF stations have..

52. You've seen Top Gun.. more than three times.

53. You call your friends by their last name.

54. You pity those who can't spell "sergeant".

55. You don't get told off by anyone.. because they
wouldn't dare..

56. You know what 'tick tocking' is.. and physically CAN'T do it.

57. You can remember drill sequences with 50+ maneouvres but that oral presentation still evades you..

58. You know JUST where to find a generic risk assessment for Gardening/Table tennis/something equally pathetic.

59. You know EXACTLY how to tie a windsor knot.

and finally..

60. You can't leave and you don't know why..

- And a few more that Members have submitted or suggested -

61. You've been at your squadron longer than 90% of the staff.

62. You remember the good old days where breaking noses in fieldcraft wasn't uncommon (and no-one was sent to the hospital unless bone was protruding through their skin)

63. You've been to a social event for at least one of the staff (eg wedding / birthday)

64. You feel lost on the day you normally parade if Cadets is cancelled.

65. You know why Nijmegen was cancelled last year (and were ecstatic that you got a week in holland without all the effort of walking 100miles)

66. You get excited about seeing your sqn number (or anyone else's) even if it's on a packet of sandwiches... or a bus... or a door...

67. Your full title ends in "RAFVR(T)" or your rank slide now has a small anodised pin on it.

68. Your wardrobe consists mostly of Grey/Blue/DPM or OG clothing.

69. You seem to develop a homing device for McDonalds and no matter where you are in the world you can find one in 10 mins.

70. You criticise movies on how actors wear their berets. (not to mention their drill!)

71. You just DON'T DO facial hair.

72. You walk around town cursing under your breath about 'scruffy' people with long hair.

73. You want or have your sqn number and/or 'ATC' in your car's number plate.

74. You salute instead of waving.

75. You have a right to criticise your sqn officers drill because you taught them.

76. The predictive text on your phone favours words like "nco", "raf", "acp" and "cdts" over much more widely used words.

77. A Land Rover is no longer a Land Rover. It's a Landie!

78. You see normal people wandering around in half uniform/DPM and you hate them and want to tell them off!

79. You want to salute every time you walk out of an office, even at school/work etc.

80. You come to attention whenever you hear a whistle, just in case it's an ensign going up or down!

81. You don't know what your life would be like without it.

82. You have dog tags. With your name on them. You probably got them at an air show.

83. You wince everytime you here some prat say "over and out" (especially in films) and want to beat said prat into ground using the radio he/she defiled.

84. You simply CANNOT turn anti-clockwise when turning around..

85. You bring your 3822 everywhere. Including going shopping.

86. You know at least one popular song that you can march to (and it's probably by Michael Jackson)
February 9th, 2011  
c/CSM Henson, T.
I realize this is a bit of a late post but I wanted to say i am only two months into my second semester and i was in AFJROTC for the first month of my JROTC career, now Im AJROTC and I still do quite a few of those...
I actually stood up in my history class one day when people were talkin to much and yelled out "Room! A-Ten-Shun!" haha