Just wondering (funny)

December 24th, 2004  
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Topic: Just wondering (funny)

Just wondering if anyone else had this problem at Basic Training...

When an NCO comes around you of course call "At Ease!" and when an Officer comes around you call "Company Attention!"... I just wanted to know if anyone called "Company Atted HUT!"... Not that I did that, but about 40 different people did my first week of "Total Control" and it was pretty interesting seeing how creative Drill Sergeants could become -- making up different exercises for us to do!
December 27th, 2004  
Charge 7
Oh yeah, I saw plenty of guys commit that offense. Too bad movies give the impression that that's allowed. I always liked the DI fake outs for calling attention "Position of atten-WHO-TOLD-YOU-TO-MOVE!?!" and "Position of a tent peg, MOVE!" were always good laughs for me. That was what I got in the most trouble in Basic for - laughing. You ever see "Full Metal Jacket"? Well, I was "Joker" in my training company he he. Started the moment I got off the bus and the Drill Sergeant yelled "All drugs in the amnesty box!" and I promptly plunked in my bottle of aspirin. Still love a good joke. Often comes in useful. I remember on the road marches when we were all dragging ass somebody would call out "Hey Joker, can you tell us a good one?". I'd scratch my noggin and pull out something for them. We'd laugh and somehow it helped.