just spoke with a recruiter

September 25th, 2005  

Topic: just spoke with a recruiter

today i spoke with a recruiter, and there are alot of guys on this board that are in the military and others thinking about enlisting. just woundering if you guys can clarify or add on to what i spoke about with the recruiter.

i already signed the paper that states im going to take the avsab test, and get a full medical check up. which is going to happen in the next 2days.

after i take the avsab test and get the medical test, i'll sign a contract stating that i understand i'm going to be serving a 4year active term and take a oath etc.

afterwards i'll get signed up to the DEP(delayed entry program), where i come in and workout with them once a week. and during that time i can decide what mos i want. and before boot camp i'll sign a contract that states what mos im going to be.

as for college, he said after all the training and i start my job. i could take college classes on base or out of base. and get college credits. so i'll be getting college credits while serving my term. he mentioned stuff like the dante test (where you take a test and you get 3college credits on a specific class). and socmar

people have told me, that i might end up as a cook or something, but they cant do that if when i sign the contract and it says lets say im going to be a air mechanic, or can they ? also people have told me i probably wont have time to even take college classes, but my recruiter said i'll have a work schedule like 6am-4pm and can take classes when im off depending on my job. And can some one explain in good detail about the gi bill, from what i read so far i'm eligible for it after serving 36-48months. someone told me it was bs, or i'm only eligible while serving and i cant use it after i finish my time serving to go to college fulltime.
September 25th, 2005  
What Branch?
September 26th, 2005  
September 26th, 2005  
damn, i just posted this huge post for ya, let me try and find it somewhere...
September 26th, 2005  
start here!


then for the GI BLL:


this is a site by the govt for the GI bill. read it! it should answer most of your questions. it really helped me! good luck!
September 27th, 2005  
My recruiter said that I would be able to siphon college for 10 years(including the 4 years active and 4 years inactive reserve)
don't quote me on that though. Go marines!!!
September 28th, 2005  
G.I. Bill. something good! :P keep your head down!