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September 7th, 2004  

Topic: Local customs and laws


Local customs and laws. We are required to respect the customs of the local population, and abide by the countries laws as you have to in any country you visit. Religous laws however are different its not like most muslim countries in the fact that you cant drink, women cant drive and have to be covered up. Bahrain is very liberal for a predominately muslim country there are numerous bars here and we drink in most of them usually with Bahrainis and Saudis as they are only 25miles up the road. Its a very friendly atmosphere aswell which is good. If you want anymore info give me a shout

September 7th, 2004  
Thats good to know, is the country very westernized? I mean, are there like shopping malls, movie theatres, western cars etc?
September 7th, 2004  
Glad to have you with us. I'm Trevor.
September 9th, 2004  
hearty welcome here
September 9th, 2004  
Hello welcome to the site man
October 24th, 2004  
The Doctor

Topic: Jay....

Damn, this world is getting far too small for my liking!!
Don't you go forgetting my rum when you get back now, you hear?! [/b]
October 25th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Welcome dude. Bahrein. Been there myself. Manama Cy.