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June 6th, 1944
October 9th, 2003  
June 6th, 1944
Yes, and Id think you'd really like the series "Mail Call" on it to, Redleg. R Lee Eremey (Retired US Marine) gets question from people around the country of military hardware, which he explains. They had a show dedicated to artillery in season 2, and the advantages/disadvantages of self-proppeled systems vs towed
December 31st, 2003  
Mail call.. thats an AwEsOmE show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe, my mom thinks i'm nuts for watching it, but its up there w/ JAG and my BOB DVD series forr things to watch while polishing boots

yeah, i can't remember my school doin anything about D-Day, but i'm in World History... and we're stillo n Ancient China ... gah, i can't wait until I get into WWII and stuff....
January 10th, 2004  
Hmm, I am in Canada, and I usually recall D-Day being at least mentioned. It could have been that I am from a small town with a large number of veterans (basically everyone's grandfather's, great-uncles etc.) But D-Day in Canada is getting alot more attention nowadays as well because there is a large project about Juno Beach (that was our beach!) that is getting quite a bit of attention.
June 6th, 1944
February 14th, 2004  
it really makes me angry to that ppl forget does days, like d-day, V-E day(May 8 1945),