July 15th, 2004  


This past weekend. Or two weekends ago, whatever, the date doesn't matter, whenever I saw the Pepsi 400 Daytona. They mentioned him as a marine ... and i don't know, it just seems so rare to see those serving our country in entertainment. Anyway, he sang the anthem there and what can I say, it was freaking good!! He has a street team out (, and I know I'm going to be labelled as a teeny bopper, but I joined right away.
July 17th, 2004  
What rock have you been under?

He was on American Idol like, a few months ago. Simon didn't let him go on because he was a country singer.

He's hella good. I heard in an interview a couple weeks ago that he's retiring from the Marine Corps and going full time into his music.

I'd sign up for the street team too, but I'd forget about it instantly