Jokowi claims victory in Indonesian presidential election

July 9th, 2014  
News Manager

Topic: Jokowi claims victory in Indonesian presidential election

By Kanupriya Kapoor and Fransiska Nangoy JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's Joko "Jokowi" Widodo claimed victory in Wednesday's closely fought presidential race in what would be a triumph for a new breed of politician that has emerged in the world's third-largest democracy. After a quick count of about 90 percent of votes, Jakarta governor Jokowi was ahead with about 5 percent of the votes in what would be the narrowest victory in the three times that Indonesia has held direct presidential elections. "We are thankful that according to the quick count announcements, until now, they show that Jokowi-JK at this moment in the count have won," Jokowi told reporters and jubilant supporters in south Jakarta.


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