Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

May 11th, 2004  

Topic: Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

Looks like a pretty cool game! I have been playing their series since DF:LW and liked all of their games so far. On this game you can fly littlebirds, Blackhawks, Chinooks. Drive LCAC's, Mark V boat, humvees, armored assault vehicles and thats only on the JO team. There is a Rebel team as well that has a number of helicopters, boats, and vehicles as well. Within each team though, there are different characters to be. So for JO team for example you can be SAS, SEALs, French GIGN etc. .So far only the demo is out, but it looks like it has potential!

Go to for more information and to check out their forums and to provide input for their games!