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November 1st, 2012  
My experience with the U.S. Army comes mostly from the large NATO exercises in Europe in the 80s and a few operations in Iraq. In Afghanistan I was part of a small British team which was attached to the USMC's 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. RM often crosstrain with USMC and from time to time with U.S. Army SF/SOF.

My assessment of the U.S. Army is thatīs a very capable force thatīs able to resolve any tasks which a modern military have to solve today.
November 1st, 2012  
Hello - My daughter is a college student (19) and spoke to a Marine rep on campus today - He advised her to sign up for the Platoon Leadership Course this summer - Her goal really is to be a Navy nurse which she stated - He still said it would be a good experience for her - Would appreciate your thoughts on the matter -
November 26th, 2012  
The simple answer to getting into shape is this:

GO SWIM ~ one of the main exercise that will not only burn fat, but get your breathing into order.

everyday, all day if you can, burn that **** off, replace it with lean muscles.

You only start to actively burn fat after 45 to 60 mins of "intensive" running.
Swimming works wonders and is a bit better if you starting off.

You probably know this already, but anyway:
Let's say you only did a 45 min run at medium intensity, you wont start burning off calories and in turn fat, until you sleep, and the next day.
( i am talking about a noticeable amount)

To actively burn the excess crap off, you need to do high intensity for over 45 mins at least.

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