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April 29th, 2005  
I don't think you can join two units here in Canada. Once you've signed up for one, you can either request a transfer, or stick with what you've got.

If this was possible, I would have been able to join up with 2 separate RCAirCS's during my last 4 years in Cadets.

However...I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask your Officers. They could probably provide better intel than I could. Also, you can visit the Cadet site: and see if you can find something there.
June 26th, 2005  

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you can join as many programs as you want, it all depends on really how much you can handle at one time. it is a big jump difference between groups but i understand you. I'm in CAP for my pilots licence, but im joinging the marines. It's all good as long as you like it and are able to handle it.
July 23rd, 2005  
I do both CAP and JROTC and am very active in them. But the most importent thing is schoolwork. Focos on your school stuff first, then CAP and if you can do something else then heck, go for it.
August 11th, 2005  
Originally Posted by DlanoeG
Yea it is quite a bit of a jump.....but if you wanna hear one more to boot, I'm hoping to either go to West Point, and if that fails, probably into the Marines or Army...

I want to meet and spend time with people who have the same aspirations and drive as me, and I can't see a better way than to join Cadet Elements. That way, I'm not only doing something I want, and will help me in the future, but being surrounded by others with the same goals, I'll strive and push harder. I hope that made sense, lol.

I hope there isn't such a restriction on joining multiple cadet programs. Hopefully a CAP member here may be knowledgeable on that. :cross
Goood Luck with West Point Mabey I'll see you there
and I on the subject of mulitible programs I'm trying to get JROTC started at my school and thinking about CAP, all I hear are good things
August 11th, 2005  
Now going from being a wing wiper to a squid. That's taking it far. But yes, you can join different cadet programs. I did Army JROTC and CAP. And I know of people that were in my JROTC class and did Young Marines and Sea Cadets. Also different programs have different rules. If you were in a Airforce JROTC program and CAP, you can wear the same uniform with both patches from both groups and you'll gain rank quicker. Now sadly the Army doesn't run a Program like CAP, but maybe I can change that. If you have the ime and effort, I say go for it. Learning about different branches of the military will help you deciede what branch you might want to join if you enlist.