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August 9th, 2013  

Topic: Joining the Marines

Hello Sir.
I'm Nathan, I'm 18. I live in South-Africa, I am earning an High School diploma in order to join the Marine Corps.
I am highly motivated to join the Marine Corps. It's my life.
But what can a foreign citizen do for join the Marine Corps?
Here are some of my info:
Country: South Africa I do not have any member of my family who lives in the United States.
I know that it is possible. But do you know something about how it can be done? I will not give up. I have to join the Marine Corps in a way or another. At any cost.
Thanks in advance.
Respectfully, Nathan.
Can I join the Marines if i have an temporary Work Visa ?
August 9th, 2013  
Cne C
Welcome Nathan
August 12th, 2013  
I can't answer your question, but I'm sure someone here can. Welcome aboard.
August 12th, 2013  
Congratulations! You've certainly chosen the right service.
Here is a bit of advice from a very, very old Marine:
Its only a step from Corporal to General. Seven years as a Corporal, eight as a Sergeant, ten as a Lieutenant, fifteen as Captain, eighteen as Colonel and then the goal is in Sight.
August 12th, 2013  
Seems excessive when you consider Hitler went from Corporal to Dictator in 15 years.


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