Joining the Air Force as a Father & Husband

December 8th, 2004  

Topic: Joining the Air Force as a Father & Husband

I'm very interested in joining the USAF in about a year or so but I have some questions that maybe some of you guys came across..

This is my situation.. I'm 23 years old, married, have a toddler, and have a house w/ mortgage.. My wife just started working after being 2 years taking care of our baby.. I have a full time job and make okay money but obviously needed a little help, hence my wife working. I seriously started thinking of USAF because I have family their and their very comfortable economically and family wise.. I want a professional career with a degree and possibly dedicate some time in the miltary if all goes well. I feel that my life is is pretty much staying the same since their is no promotions in my workplace and being a administrative clerk / part-time web deisgner, I'm stuck here. I want to travel, be somebody in this country, represent my country at full, be an excellent Airman.

What I'm afraid of is that if I do join, can this cause some strains in my family since we are very close together. I want to know that although I'm sacrificing myself for a few months from my family (maybe they can join in Tech School as per recruiter advicer in, will it be a smart choice.. I'm making this choice for my best interests as well as my family's.

Do you guys think that I'm heading in the right direction?

What advice can you guys give me from your experience.

December 9th, 2004  
This is a tough one.

I can only speak from my own point of view so I hope this helps.

Yes you will be away from your family for long periods of time but you should be able to keep in contact. There will be a lifestyle change as you will be part of the Military and may have to move every couple of years. How does your wife feel about moving to different locations and having to make new freinds? That is about the hardest thing for her to get used to. You will be OK because no matter where you go you will have people to talk to, but for her, if she is a shy type of person it could be very hard.

But sit down with your wife and talk about the PROS and CONS and then make your choice.

For me, the Military has been very good plus my family understand that this is my job and its what I do.
June 3rd, 2005  
Your wife will be allowed to go with you to tech school but at your moving expense. A lot of military relationships do not last it takes a lot of commitment on both of your parts to make it in the military. There are however a lot of support groups your wife could get involved in to help you both through it. I do not know what you make now but the military will never make you rich. My husband and I have had a lot of financial struggles throughout my short career in the Air Force. As a young Airman expect to be broke.