Joined But on temperary Hold

November 5th, 2004  

Topic: Joined But on temperary Hold

I went to Meps wednesday and i went through the full physical and was about to swear in and be dep'd in the Marine Corp when they took a look at my record and saw my DUI that they knew about already, and saw that i didnt ahve any counciling for it (AA or whatever) becuase it was all in traffic court and they tried to give me an underage for it too but i fought it and won becuase it was a double jeapordy, anyhow for some reason they didnt like the fact taht i didnt go through counciling so i have to go back monday to go through NP?? i thnk its called and then i can finish swearing in and all that good stuff, kinda ticks me off but oh well i get to stay in that huge hotel again. ahahahah my MOS will be Security forces, althoughi have to wait to graduate before i can even go and i guess that job goes quick, so i might have to wait until october to go waiting on the 06' jobs to come in..... all the best