Japanese brutal killed and torture European POWS during the world war 2.

October 3rd, 2012  

Topic: Japanese brutal killed and torture European POWS during the world war 2.

Japanese brutal killed and torture European POWS during the world war 2.

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on 6th, the Far East fighting were more brutal than people think in world war 2, the British historian Max Hastings's book, "Revenge: Fight to Japan (1944-1945) ", disclosed the Western Allies what a shock after discovered the Japanese abuse European POWS.
That was January 1945, the British Army 14th Division across the border to Mandalay, Myanmar, In a victory, they found a lot of evidence that the Japanese abuse of prisoners. some British soldiers had been stripped of boots, with wire wrapped around a tree upside down, cool beaten to death. This is further stimulated the British hatred of the Japanese soldiers. In the UK, the Japanese proved to abuse POWS far beyond the battlefield. Those lucky to escape pows , tell about more extreme brutal Japanese abuse European POWS stories, and British politicians and officials fear the Japanese will be intensified retaliatory torture those European POWS who are still in their hands. Don't let these scandals completely exposed.
In 1942, the famous "Bataan Death March", many of U.S. POWS were killed, European pilots were brutally beheaded, the U.S. government hide for several months before the witness's testimony was public . Allied officials reluctant to admit situation so bad, until January 1945, a so-called Foreign Affairs Committee concluded only in some remote areas have the phenomenon of abuse POWS.
Just a few weeks later, a large number UK and Australia POWS release from Myanmar and Philippinesthe , counter with their own
experience, At that time the officials involved in release of all POWS were shocked to their environment: where hunger prevails, disease prevalence, tens of thousands of prisoners died due to overwork, or because of minor breaches add to torture or beheading death. a quarter of POWS was be killed in Japanese prison camps. Japanese do exactly the same like Nazis do with Jews and Russian, but the United States, Britain and Australia publics are still very shocked, even in the situation at that time, can't understand Japanese flagrant violation of European human rights.
The begin of Pacific War, the Philippines, the Netherlands East Indies, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Myanmar and other places have been occupied by Japan army.Many Allied soldiers became Japanese prisoners . When the surrender prisoners were being detained in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong or Rangoon waiting ruling, they absolutely didn't expect to the hell waiting for
them.A Japanese war correspondent who described the U.S. POWS he saw - "a group from the arrogant nation, they had to accept the Imperial Japanese military contempt. "When I see them, feel they are just a group of mixed hybrid offspring, had no dignity, and Japanese soldiers look handsome, I'm proud of myself as Japanese."
"Those who didn't eat were first batch of the dead," Paul Luolutesi corporal said, "I bury a lot of people look stronger than
I am, because I never refuse eat any thing. One time, Australian Peter Snow found an inch long maggot in foods.he just simply said:" a little beauty, go away. "" We have to imagine them as Christmas pudding, raisins, or What other good things.
A shipyard in Osaka, two hungry British POWS eat a big tub of lard, which is used to lubricate sewer, so prior to adding arsenic, two POWS so lost their lives.
Thomson in his private diary reads: "Every day we are a walking day by day. Drived to do this and that, I learned to had no any hope of life, no longer have any feelings."
Yangon Stephen Peter from Philip camp wrote: "We have become heartless, ruthless, people who often bet on who will next to die. Of course, must try to save the sick, but when the inevitable doom , only sadness no useful "
Who would not care about self-esteem. Prisoners will face own incompetence everyday. Rosen had seen Japan soldiers kicked USA POW into a toilet pit: "When you have to accept these things, you truly feel the taste of defeat."
Almost every European POWS in later years, watching their comrades had been beaten by Japanese soldiers. even been killed.
They feel ashamed about indifferent, They hate bowed to each Japanese soldier everday, no matter how low rank he is, slightly irreverent will provoke fatal disaster.
Japanese seem special hate for tall, Tall often must knee down to accept cane beaten and other penalties. One day, the pilot Fred Jackson worked on the coral island airport in Emu Bang Province.He saw the six UK officers were lined up , a Japanese officer, regardless any reason.Beat them down to the ground one by one.
Phenomenon of the Japanese abuse POWS can be seen everywhere, In addition, there are so many beheadings and stabbed to death phenomenon.Japanese so cruel treated Allied POWS. Japanese abused Allied prisoners of war are well known. Allied prisoners in war camp in Japan's dead rate was 30%, German and Italian prisoners in camp less than 5% dead rate.For most appear weakness in the battle of the Westerners, Japanese also more contempt for them and brutal torture European POWS.
October 3rd, 2012  
I am a Chinese.May I ask a question? Beause Japan invade China in 1937,many Chinese soldiers and people die in the war. Still many Chinese people hate Japanese nowday.
How the European view the When Japanese soldiers kill them,abuse them? Are they very fear Japanese ? or very hate them?
I don't encourage hate crime, but I am very curiosity, These Japanese abuse European so cruel.
But USA take Japan as so-call the most important ally after world war 2. Are USA want use of Japan or other intention?
It's unimaginable for a Asia people!
October 3rd, 2012  
west countries war with Japan, 100 008 USA soldiers dead in battle. plus non-combat dead, U.S. soldiers 130,008 dead in pacific war. Australian troops 17,000 die in battle. British troops 36,000 die in fighting, and other Western countries, more than 10,000 killed in battle.
Not include 50,000 India soldiers dead in battle, not including tens of thousands of Filipino soldiers and Malaysia soldiers,not include China expedition were killed in Myanmar. Japan killed western countries soldiers over more than 200,000 in pacific war.
Japanese land force 350,000 were killed in battle, Navy, 158000 were killed in battle.plus non-battle dead(strave,suicide,disease,wounded)Japan soldiers dead in pacific war about one million.
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Bataan Death March

In the course of the death march, the Japanese humiliated European POWS as human can, they weren't considers POWS as human beings, In their view, these U.S. soldiers should battle to dead or suicide. then can get Japanese respect. Become POWS were greatest shame for soldiers.
Because suffering torture, even prisoners arrived at destination, large number USA POWS death or disability. The following story based on survivors, U.S. soldiers Allen tell us, he speak about death march with comrades experience.
Violence Objective: collect money and revenge
The Japanese soldiers escorting prisoners in march, looking for "souvenirs", not just U.S. soldiers' objects, if you see any American POWS who have something, especially money, they robbed. In the bloody battle of Bataan, U.S. soldiers will find Japanese items or coins as a souvenir from dead body. So when the Japanese soldiers found Japanese item from United States POWS, they will pull American POWS out, then never see them - Japanese think these American POWS killed their comrades.

Allen tough walk, even though his body strong, he could not withstand torment. The course of the march, there were wounded U.S. soldiers and Filipino civilians Feishi join the march. They all do their best to adhere, but only few people can keep up with team.Perhaps the sun very hot, Japanese are anxiety. They become more and more fierce, more and more terrible. If people who goes slowly, Japanese think just poke a bayonet assault,the pain was not enough. Now soldiers have a poke to kill POWS. About walk one kilometer again, Allen saw a Filipino soldier twist in the dust, his stomach has been hurted by the Japanese soldiers, like a bloody gourd. Allen vomit out. Slowly, he saw the bodies of POWS everywhere, they bloody, curled up, some open eyes, as if blessing his comrades "Good Luck." Allen getting used to misery. (continue.....)
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"Clean Team" executed laggards
The prisoners were brought into a yard when sunset. Japanese say they will have something to eat, eat and sleep here. Alan sigh , his comrades Cote said: "Maybe we will feel better from now on." Ivory smile helplessly : "I hope so, at least we should eat some things. "Smoe people cooking rice, soy sauce and sausage, the smell towards me, POWS stomach began sounds. Alan excited be crazy. He imagined the smell of sausage slipped mouth. Suddenly, after a whistle, prisoners were ordered to line up. Japanese soldiers laugh and pick up sausage and rice filled with a large spoon ,show the POWS.
A Japanese Officers went in front of European POWS cursed: "We said something to eat, allow you sleep when you came here. Now the situation is different. We found pistols from three American officers. I punish you, not allowed to eat, must move on. "Allen's fantasy fallen, Japanese add some unproven crime to POWS. "In the initial search, even a toothbrush, shaving cream are let off, let alone a pistol. Even people who really hide the gun, according to Japanese habits,He should been pulled out to shot, killed or beheaded, in order to warning. "Allen thought.
Bataan Death March (part 3)
European POWS dragged his exhausted legs, with disappointment, pain and curse difficulty moving. Fortunately Japanese did not forbid them speak. They more or less encouraged each other. C?te apparently was extremely tired. Alan joked: "Hey, man, in a walk?" Cote said feebly: "I can't walk a kilometer oncemore.Allen said: "hey, I'm like you. But perhaps had something to eat. "They encouraged each other with difficult smile. And walked two or three kilometers, C?te goes slowly. Allen will slow down push him with a shoulder. Some people continue fall. Japanese "clean team" took them to solve.
At 9 o'clock, the Japanese drived prisoners to a courtyard for rest, full of courtyard, Allies POWS could not lie down. POWS have to stand.Ye Taihei, POWS didnt know where it is . Allen found a small bamboo platform, climb up sit down. From here he clearly saw outside Japanese soldiers, took a few large pot with the rice. He could see the fire and Japanese soldiers. He can smell cooking food. "Oh, great! Japanese to give us food." Allen naive think. He watched steam rising from the pot, waiting, the feeling of hunger very strong. But no one gave them meal. Allen sat on the bamboo platform slept.
The next morning, the long march went on. After walk a morning, the sun rise. Japanese command ALLIES POWS to rest. No shelter and no breeze, It was not rest, is a Japanese cruel penalty imposed on them - "exposure to sunburnt." Two hours of "exposure" of POWS, it'S the most brutal mental and physical torture. POWS wounds began worse, suppuration, face and body skin begins burn, people anxious. POWS become more and more insane. Some of them screaming madly, crawled on the ground with chaos, Some people in a coma for a while and die.
Witnessed his comrades were buried when alive
Hot sun, tried and hungry make Allen got splitting headache, dazzled. At this time, several Japanese soldiers came and ordered several USA dragged out bodies buried, some insane people been put into the huts. They began digging. When the shallow hole dug,POWS bury the body. Just then, an American soldier and two Filipinos were carried to leave, they has been unconscious but still alive. A Japanese stopped POWS and ordered them to put the three people into hole, and command POWS started working. A spade after a spade dusts drop on the three POWs. At this time, the American soldiers suddenly woke up, he open blue eyes, hard to climb out the hope. There is any hope he alive. Two Japanese soldiers use knife point to Filipino throat, he hesitated a moment, a Japanese soldier put knife on his neck tighter. Filipino prisoners scared more, eyes closed, use a spade beat the American down.The American fell back, the person responsible for the burial fill the hole ... ... (Continue)
October 3rd, 2012  
Bataan Death March (part 4)

The fourth day, prisoners had a spoon of rice, this is their only foods in these days.Because little food, Allen still very hungry,but he felt satisfied. Some people have already died. Midnight it began to rain, and Alan lying on ground,feel cold.

Hunger, thirst, exposure, heavy rain, miserable make USA POWS silk. In course of the march, the USA POWS urine in their pants. If behind, will be the killed by Janpanese. POWS are suffering from various malaria, dysentery and diarrhea and other diseases, some lost their lives. When USA POWS pass a residential area, some Filipinos sympathetic them,thrown some bread or biscuits to POWS. But the Japanese soldiers angry these people, and anger to USA POWS, kicked them.

Fifth day afternoon, USA POWS arrived Shengfuernan. They don't need march finally . They are drive into trucks, 80 to 100 people in each car. Because crowded, many people can not breathe. Prisoners jammed together, people can't had a little fresh air. Allen sat on car door lucky, enjoying the fresh air. The sun more hot, like an oven in truck. Most prisoners infected dysentery. Some people fainted, some people fell down, they lie at the foot of other USA POWS, face in the filth on ground. Suffering in the trucks for 5 hours, finally reached the Karpas. Door is opened, POWS walked with tremble. Japanese soldiers order USA POWS stand on a space. POWS stand in the hot sun for two hours, they began to march in evening ,they arrived at the destination.- Odd Neil war camp.

In war camp, the Japanese more abuse of POWS, USA POWS forced heavy labor, also withstand Japanese tortured. Japanese also let prisoners hungry sometimes. After Allied POWS experienced a brutal "Bataan death march" and Odd Nell camps,tens of thousands people died. (end)
October 3rd, 2012  
Japanese Navy atrocities: slaughtered twenty thousand Australian and English soldiers. (part 1)
British historian Felton new book "Marine Massacre: Japanese naval war crimes" will be publish on October 20. British "Daily Mail" disclosure partial of book. Felton pointed out during World War II, the Japanese navy trample "Geneva Convention", they massacre over 20,000 Allied sailors and many civilians, the crime is more horrible than Nazi German navy.Some of them committed serious crimes people haven't been punished, they alive.
Encouraged massacre
Book disclosed many new history materials, which show Japanese navy killed 12,500 British sailors and Australian 7,500 naval soldiers at least. Different with Nazi Germany,only a document showing a German submarine captain ordered massacre survivors of enemy navy, Japanese navy, killing order not only from higher command, and be encouraged.
Felton said: "Japanese Navy signed a order in 1943,: 'To keep enemy's ships and cargo sunk, kill all enemy crew.'"
He said: "Japan's navy sank a large number of Allied merchant ships, even Red Cross vessels, killing survivors of the lifeboat. Japanese rescued enemy pilots from sea, then tortured pilots to death. "
"Japanese marines landed, raped and massacred civilians." Felton said, "I also found some Japanese naval doctors vivisection Allies POWS."
October 4th, 2012  
Japanese Navy atrocities: slaughtered twenty thousand Australian and English soldiers.(part 2)

About tragic reality
New book records the horrors of British sailor James. He was a telegrapher on Dutch cargo ship Tjisalakon. Ship sank by Japanese submarine I-8 in 1944. At that time, he was 21 years old.

Wembley Hills recalled he with crew and passengers were got from sea, or forced to leave boat, concentrated in top deck of submarine. Japanese captain ordered these prisoners"Don't look back." Then Japanese use guns, bayonets, swords and other weapons kill the prisoners one by one, some people are thrown to the propeller stirring to death.

Wembley Wales tried break the rope, jump into the sea when Japanese machine guns shooting, swam for several hours to find a lifeboat, later he rescued three people. He said Japanese tied the last of 22 British to submarine, submarine dive,so these people were dead.
The Japanese Captain was regarded as a hero in Japan. He not only been brought to court after war, but a promotion.
Japanese soldiers escape punishment
Book record Japanese massacre 312 Australia and Netherlands POWS in JAVA airport 1942 February. Since no survivors from massacre, materials from the confessions of two Japanese witnesses.
Four Japanese officers were hanged in Australia after war, other Japanese soldiers escaped punishment. What is more, Japanese Navy submarine I-37's captain for killing four British merchant and a British warship survivors. He was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment,only served 3 years he was released ,Japanese government said that's an "legal behavior in war ." Felton said: "The most outrageous is Japanese forgot their crime, And Japanese politicians distort history."
October 4th, 2012  
Nobody give me an answer?

Maybe the European or Caucasians had rule the world for centuries since
Columbus discovered the New World. Perhaps European only trust the " jungle law" ,

That is " only the stronger can survive, the weak were taken.'' When Caucasians meet any race or advance civilization can challenge them, even beat them, they will surrender immediately.
That is why our China KMT party will loss, China commnuist party and Japan can success,because they don't believe the western.

I am sad for this condition. The European birth many Scientists, musicians, philosophers,engineers, mathematicians, writers... That is said,the race very smart and excellent.

And European Scientists discover and invent many thing,like "electricity ,telivision,radio,computer,nuclear power.submarine,satellite,telephone,icebox....." But their thinking and action remain stay at "jungle law". The "jungle law " is a very backward law for animals.
We are the human ,not the animals.We are intelligent beings that can change our life,even change many thing!

If the European continue trust "jungle law", then let it go!
October 4th, 2012  
I'll try

Consider that in Hupeh Province in May 1943, "Chinese troops ordered whole towns evacuated on grounds of military necessity - and then plundered them for everything of value. Persons too old to move and who remained in the towns were killed as traitors." Peasants often had no less fear from their own soldiers than they did from the Japanese. Sometimes they simply rebelled or turned on the soldiers to exact revenge.
China's Bloody Century: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900, page 113
R. J. Rummel

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