I've gained my dad's blessing... - Page 2

June 25th, 2005  
i know what u mean i got my dad all for it, mom on the other hand no way.

I'm all good with the shooting i would a 38 special, sheriff regulated guns, and many rifles. My moms a sheriff and we go to the range with the other sheriffs and i took the test for the hell of it and passed with a 96% shooting accuracy and reaction. I'm also in the national rifle association. so i'm all good in the shooting field.

I'm gettin my pilots license also this summer, so i have that out of the way. i'm also a SARs member and radio operations certified, so idk what shes worried about.

I want to go into the USMC as a JAG, so its not like i would see the front lines anytimes soon. don't get me wrong if they ask, i would be up there in a heart beat.