June 28th, 2005  

Topic: Introduction

Might as well introduce myelf since I'm already posting.

I was an Air Force brat and then went into the Marines in '79. I was Aviation Radio Repair while active and then was FO for a mortar platoon while reserve.

When I got out I worked as a civilian for both DoD contractors and commercial companies including: AFSCN at Vandenberg AFB and New Boston AFS, Minuteman and Peacekeeper Launch simulators at Vandenberg, Space Shuttle comms at Vandenberg, CCTT at Orlando and Fort Hood. I also lived in Indonesia for 6 years as a SatCom engineer and then traveled the world over a bit working SatComms for various companies. I'm now a independant contractor and am just about ready to go back to work after recovering from 14 months in Iraq which ended in December 04. Next stop Afghanistan hopefully!

Here's a link to pics and narrative from my time in Iraq for anyone interested
June 28th, 2005  
June 28th, 2005  
hello, welcome to the forums, im sure you'll love em
June 28th, 2005  
Welcome to the forums..
June 28th, 2005  
Welcome. Man those are some awesome pictures. I hope you keep up the photographic history. Most people never see things like this.
June 29th, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot
Welcome. Have a nice stay.
July 1st, 2005  
Italian Guy
Welcome Marine. Awesome link, thanks for sharing.