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December 15th, 2004  
A bit of back up sherman

December 15th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Is Sherman trying to build up a lobby for himself ??

Kidding- welcome to the forums, Shay. what part of the country are you from?

Looking forward to reading your posts.
December 15th, 2004  

Topic: hmm.. sum more about my self a..

Ok let's see.
As I said I'm 17 which means I'll be joining the army
In about a year (probably a fighter or something) I'm not very smart,
Well I'm not stupid but I ain't genius

And if you'll ask me what exactly I wana do in the army, I wanted to go
to a sniping school and be a sniper. But now it has changed a bit (my enemies
Are still my enemies, but I don't want to see how I blow their had off from
A close range (my opinions on my enemies have changed, and I can see
Their causes too) so now I think I want to go to a search & rescue squad.

As i said I'm from Israel, I live in binyamina just some place no one ever
Heard of

And if any of you wants to know something in particular, then feel free to
December 16th, 2004  
Italian Guy
How do you say "Hi" and "Bye" in Hebrew?
December 16th, 2004  

Topic: LOL

HI - HI, (shalom)

BYE - BYE, (lehitraot)
December 17th, 2004  
Welcome to the forums
December 18th, 2004  
Welcome to the forums Shay