Interesting Civil War facts of today

July 21st, 2011  

Topic: Interesting Civil War facts of today

Alabama is still collecting taxes for Confederate Veterans.

Also I remembered that a little while back the last Civil War Pension was paid to a Miss Alberta Martin. She married a Confederate Veteran back in 1927. She passed away back in 2004. She was the last person alive to collect a veteran's pension from the Civil War. She had a son with him. The son is named William Martin and is reported to still be alive. There is someone one this earth that can truly say that their father served and fought for the Confederacy.

Florida's last Civil War Veteran was Bill Lundy

Taken in 1955


The Florida Archives record for this photo reads, "Born on January 18, 1848 in Coffee Springs, Alabama. He was a member of Company D 4th Alabama Cavalry Regiment of the Confederate States of America Army. He died on September 1, 1957 in Crestview, Florida."
Bill Lundy at Elgin Air Force Base in 1955


Photo taken in Janayr 1955. Note with photos reads, "Celebrating his 107th birthday, Florida's oldest living Civil War Veteran, Uncle Billy Lundy of Crestview, Florida prepares to board an Air Force plane at Eglin Air Force Base."

Photo taken in January of 1955Note in archives accompanying photo reads, "Florida's oldest living Civil War Veteran, Confederate Uncle Billy Lundy and a group of Air Force men during Uncle Billy's 107th birthday celebration at Eglin Field."

Photo taken January 1955 at Elgin Air Force Base. Note accompanying archives photos reads, "Military life shore has changed! Uncle Billy Lundy, celebrating his 107th birthday at Eglin Field, is the last Florida Confederate Civil War Veteran."

January 1955 photo of Bill Lundy. Archives note with photo reads, "Uncle Billy Lundy, Florida's oldest living Confederate of the Civil War inspects some "new fangled artillary" while celebrating his 107th birthday at Eglin Air Force Base."

July 21st, 2011  
Love this!!! I'm a huge Civil War buff. I knew about Alberta Martin, but I was unfamiliar with Bill Lundy until now. Thank you for posting this!!
July 21st, 2011  
Team Infidel
And today is the 150 anniversary of one of the largest battles in the civil war... and it is pretty much in my back yard... Bull Run...

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