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January 13th, 2009  
AHOY, what were talking about is Heavy metal/robots, automation, mechanics vs. genetic engineering/bio tech, science. The exoskeleton tech mentioned by LeMask is interesting to me and IMO could be the great equalizer. Think Iron man or Sigourney Weaver in Aliens with the futuristic fork lift. With landing pad and hangers for micro UAVs, UGVs aka genetic engineered rats (lol). SWORDS should have an autonomous mode set for self defense only. To be used when contact is lost. I can see the SEAL version with inflatable track pads to eliminate tracks on the beach or in any terrain tracks might give there location away. (donít forget the spore gentlemen) And the Air borne versions that could retain there parachutes and all versions could be retrieved by a sky hook system remember the movie The Green berets. With machines I could see a flood light looking system scanning the area then an instant focusing/narrowing of it into a laser death ray as it zapped a target. Anyone seeing that flood light (visual terror effect) scanning around would know the focus was no jokus. UGVs are being used by Israel and lots of video century towers too. There sensors can be any type of course, cameras could be the wire/flexible cord type i.e. like we have all seen in the SWAT movies where they drill a hole and push the camera threw bend it around like a finger etc. these could be multiple and housed in a damage protective sleeve/pipe. The more the danger level goes up the less the sensors (camera, mics, etc.) are exposed i.e. the more they are drawn into sleeve. Call it octopus-eye lol! Also donít forget all you hi tech types they (SWORDS) well use Network warfare tactics i.e. combining all units sensors, and yes sound can be used to aim weapons (CROWS) it dose not have to be a shot from a weapon it could just be foot steps. Look out blind man shooting. With SWORDS could we not also consider more deployment of less if not non lethal weapons? Since there is less danger to life of those operating them why not take more of a chance in not winning the engagement. One week link is the electromagnetic signals, especially from satellites. IMO the machines well have to be solar powered how ever if we scorch the skies (movie Matrix) they well just use space elevators to link to space solar systems. EMPs IMO from what Iíve read are only temporary, in the future it may be possible to seed skies like one seeds clouds to make it rain nowadays. Iím not sure but lasers still work as far as propagation goes right. I mean as long as you can produce one it well project through the air (why not they work in space) so you have that communication ability (farphoons). Another big disadvantage is the SWORDS just donít have enough mobility. By the time it climbs some stirs traditional infantry are in another building. And what about a virtual reality room (bobby trap) i.e. as one of these machines turns a corner it inters a pre-constructed virtual reality chamber and never nose the difference until its plug has been pulled or the diversion complete.Terminators; the first series well have rubber skin weíll spot them easy (lol).I would rather have a well trained K-9. And with genetic engineering well basically anything scientist has cells of can be duplicated and combined, i.e. insect chameleon camouflage, snake heat sensors, bat radar, and monkey strength (lol). Itís the book thumpers (religious freaks) holding it (science) all back. One last thing remember the hand is quicker than the eye.

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